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  Thursday, June 11, 2009  
Sengal jap :D
Tadaa~ result day menjelang tiba. Takut gile okek~ Kekejap bukak website, takut tapi mahu. Patutnye hari ni gi shopping jalan2 beli baju baru tapi entah la mcm cancel je pulak. Transport takde, abah gi keje ^________^ takde sapo nak hanta gi shopping mall. Lol mcm sangat gedik umo dh 23 tapi masih nak abah hanta gi mane2 pon. I will never ever survive on my own that's why I always need a man in my life. I've been having em all my life and I cant live without one. Ngek~ okey la tu Hawa dijadikan utk Adam kan kan kan?

Maybe petang kot result keluar tak pasti. But i've told my RAN online friends kalau misalnye I fail one of the subjects I won't be playing RAN the whole day. WALALALALALA mcm emosi gile je ayat tu. Ape2 pon wish me luck la walaopon dh telambat for that. Ngek ngek ngek ngek (pale otak dh senget)..

p/s: Ade byk gamba mase jln2 hari tu tapi tatau bile nk upload.. maybe next post kot ^__^
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  Wednesday, June 10, 2009  
scared I taw~
Today will be the last day I will have my 100% happiness. Tomorrow is the day where I will be frozen and probably lost half of my charismatic value that I could live this life well. What am I talking about? What else could it be other than.. jeng jeng jeng..~ RESULTS DAY. Oh my the truth is I took 7 subjects last trimester and 3 of em, I didn't do so well. Basically I did really bad. Im super nervous about tomorrow that I could hardly do anything.

2 weeks holiday feels like nothing to me. I feel like I need more time from all the exhaustion. Not enough freedom. I submitted a letter of request for a certain subject. Guess it is a little bit too late for that? I am just gonna do whatever it takes to go for it. I need to focus on a lot of things next trimester eventhough there will only be 4 subjects. 1)Driving license 2)MUET 3)Request of subject 2nd attempt and 4)Study for my supp paper (if I failed any which I have a strong feeling that I will).

With the new presidency policy from our oh-so-great president, there are so many new rules. Stupid rules actually. I hope they're going to realise that MMU is an IPTS not IPTA so we dont go by those kind of rules. Fuzzy helped submitted the letter just few seconds ago. I hope everything works fine. Hopefully God will be on my side cuz I can't bare the pain of having to be stuck there for another year. I wanna go out there and get a job, get my own money and spend it unwisely :D

p/s: Gratz to my babe IRNI DAYANA for the success of going for the AIR ASIA training. I know you could do it you super-sexy-beyatch :) good luck and all the best xoxoxoxo
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  Thursday, February 19, 2009  
Jodoh Pertemuan Di Tangan Tuhan
Quote unquote, we've heard that phrase so many times yet when the relationship broken down we suddenly have lost all hopes and faith, why is this happening? mental dan fizikal kite selalu mengatakan yang kite ni dah bersedia utk menghadapi dugaan bercinta, tapi betul ke? i've faced this situation before, losing someone when u're on top of the "love" peak and suddenly being pushed down and down and down crash to the ground, pedihnya hati hanya tuhan yang tahu, memarahi nasib, blaming everything that is happening to u is unfair, kite tak boleh melawan takdir, tapi boleh ke kite mengubah nasib yg telah ditentukan? to me yes, sometimes the path for success has been shown to us, its really up to u to choose which way u want to live ur life, same goes with love, tak semuanya hubungan yg goyah akan berakhir dengan perpisahan, semua masalah ada penyelesaian, unless when both parties are unable to be with each other anymore, or when theres no more love from both or either one, then we can't push ourselves to love or be loved that way

Breaking up, sape yg tak pernah break up? semua org pernah merase sakit ditinggalkan kekasih or meninggalkan kekasih atas sbb2 tertentu, but like i said life must go on, i see my friends facing all sorts of problems, but they stand up on their two feet and move on with their life, and along the way when they're ready and lucky enough, they will find this one perfect man that they can cherish their life together, i have found my prince, and i hope my girls will find theirs too.

p/s: lapanye ~_~
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  Friday, February 13, 2009  
Seribu malam tanpa rasa
Im officially has lost hope and i will stop putting too much hope on anything, maybe bcuz im so used to getting everything that i want, after everything is prepared, it didnt exactly turn out as planned, it upsets me so much especially in this condition of mine, it seems too early to fall asleep now, but im just gonna go lie down, no energy, no feelings, no lover, just another night sleeping with empty feeling ^_^v getting oh-so-used-to-it, just keep em coming baybeh~

p/s: happy valentine's day to all the cute couples out there, have a wonderful moment with ur love ones
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  Thursday, February 12, 2009  
Rambut Baru Alaf Baru
Yipee, im an early riser, sangat ceria pagi ni, semalam sronok shopping cash melayang, oh mai god i love my new hair-do, uncle halim has magical fingers, then pastu lepak2 kat alamanda (the only shopping mall yg wujud kat putrajaya..) and beli sehelai baju, hanya sehelai sbb tummy kate jgn boros, semalam kene lecture baik2 tapi tegas ngan my tummy, saye dh insaf skarang, pagi2 pon makan biskut je, tanak bazir2 dh ^_^ nnt tummy saye jd garang hihihi, newayz this is my piccccccture :D nyummmmmmm luv u hairrrrrrrrr luv u tummyyyyyyy, thx for letting me do this hair :)

Pic 1
Pic 2

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  Wednesday, February 11, 2009  
Valentine's Day Countdown
Honestly i dont celebrate this crappy day but somehow its fun to hangout with ur love ones and ur friends as well, so my tummy and i have decided to go lepak-ing kat TGIF this saturday ngan my other friends, so kiteorang nak buat double date, yummy mummy betul, he told me its his favourite lepak-ing place, ive never been there, i know its expensive, memandangkan kami masih student abg la yang kene tanggung kos pemakanan kami :D cayang awak muaks2

Sem ni dah start and its my second week, im still in my oh-so-lazy-mood, same goes with my other friends, but they're still going, i've been skipping alot of classes, this is just my way, the first few weeks i'll be the laziest monster in the world, then lepas tu struggle until the end of the trimester, thats why im suchhhhhhhhh a "BRILLIANT" girl :D, abg promise me kalau dpt 1 A = rm 500 ekkekee jgn tarik balik janji tu, susah tu nak dpt A hohohohoho

Sangat seronok saye memandangkan Sabtu ni jugak will be our 2nd month anniversary, he makes me so happy, after the whole broken down relationship ive been with the past 6 years, finally ive managed to stay alive and being happy with my tummy, walaupon kite mcm kopi dan susu, thats what makes this relationship so yummylicious, mix em together u get the best drink ever

Hari ni nak gi buat rambut, semua ditanggung halal oleh abg, jap lagi claim balik, sry abg budak2 kecik mmg la takleh pegang duit byk2, nnt abis ^_^ the money u gave me pon dh habishhhh, mane pegi? masuk tummy~ mkn byk2 utk jd hepi, ok gtg frens dh tunggu, salon time bebeh muahahahaha

p/s: tummy tido byk betul ><"
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  Thursday, February 5, 2009  
Party night - exhausted gile siot
Last night was ONE CRAZY NIGHT, kiteorang celebrate bday hazrul yang ke 25, hepi besday abg hazrul anda sudah officially tua :D tahniah one more year to go dh layak jd suami org dh huhuhuhu, newayz mlm tadi we all celebrated at the super cool V.I.P room redbox @ the curve, punye la ramai "tetamu" yg hadir, i was really shocked to see the numbers of people who attended, segan silu pulak saye kan, tapi segan silu tu tak lame, after 2 hours sitting there i was on my toes again singing and screaming mcm suare ni sedap sgt je and the consequence for that action is that i kinda lost my voice, tahniah ila tahniah :D

Bukan tu je, yesterday i got my haircut aswell, sgt pendek okek, penat2 menjage rambut ni selame 1 thn dan akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua T_T, tangisan tak berlagu kedengaran di dlm hatiku, selamat tinggal rambut panjangku T_T, abg nan kate lawa, tapi hanye diriku yg mengetahui kesakitan yg ku alami akibat pemergian separuh dr bulu badanku, bukan tu je i got my new glasses aswell, its black super gothic colour, Nad77 yg pilihkan, mentang2 die minat gothic everything turns black for me also, tak rase selesa sangat lagi, im still walking here and there without my glasses on, sangat longgar, cermin mate ni perlu diketatkan lagi, bcuz of this glasses i have decided that im gonna highlight my hair by the end of this month, tunggu abg nan sponsor sbb die adelah seorang bf yg paling cantik jelita dlm dunia ni, lebih cantik dr angelina jolie :D

After the whole partying "thang", dlm pukul 4 pagi we reached Cheras semate mate ingin mengikut kehendak ku yg merindui tummynya :D i miss my tummy so much so i made my cousin drove me to Cheras at 4 am just so that i can spend like 1 hour time with him :D tapi saye sgt satisfied and happy hehehehe best, ade yg lagi best dr tu is that my tummy ade jerawat yg paling besa dlm dunia :D nyum2, sgt comel mcm sebuah bijik kelentit melekat di pipi, yeay abg telah berjaye menjadi perempuan sejati tahniah abg tahniah :D

Right now I am doing the things that I dont usually do which is cleaning up the room, i can say that the room is REALLY CLEAN, which is almost impossible for it to happen huhuhuhu, nak buat camne bosan gile dah la esok klas pukul 8 pagi, watahel betul taking 7 subjects, i dont think i can manage but ill try my best :( esok nak kene jumpe someone to settle some stuff, jika tiada aral melintang akan ku suruh abg nan bawa ku kesisinya :D jika ada aral melintang akan ku menyorok di bwh katil sampai la hari selase, sekian terima kaseh

p/s: nak upload picture, tapi sume kat reza, nyum2 tak saba nak edit utk menutupi kecelakaan di mukaku ini (jerawat..)
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